Building the
Internet of NFTs

Unleash the full potential of NFTs through true interoperability

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DeStation is a next-generation blockchain protocol that enables blockchains in the NFT ecosystem to integrate and communicate with each other


The Internet of NFTs

By allowing NFT data to be communicated across blockchains, DeStation will create a connected network we are calling the Internet of NFTs, or IONFT.

This connected network will make all NFTs interoperable across blockchains enabling ownership, control, and rights management of NFT metadata and linked resources, regardless of where the NFTs are located. Users will be able to connect and interact with any NFT from any blockchain, including (but not limited to) popular networks such as Ethereum, BSC, Flow, WAX, Kusama, Solana, Tezos, and Polygon.

As creators and developers embrace the immense potential of NFTs, it is foreseeable that many more specialized blockchains will be created; enabling new use cases in areas such as gaming, finance, media ownership, and identity. All of these blockchains will be connected through the DeStation relay chain, ensuring that fragmentation will not cap growth in the NFT ecosystem.

NFT is not just
crypto art

It is an access token that enables a unique integration to infinite applications and services. If we think of NFTs as IP addresses, then DeStation is positioned to become the TCP for the NFT space


True Interoperability

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DeStation’s central blockchain, the IONFT, serves as the foundation of the network, connecting all other blockchains and enabling the integration and verification of NFT data and metadata. Connected to this are many NFT Sharded Blockchains that create bridges between the IONFT and external blockchains.

Each NFT Sharded Blockchain is responsible for the specific work associated with a single external blockchain (including governance, implementation, and NFT features), enabling that blockchain’s NFTs to be accessed through the DeStation IONFT.

DeStation poses no restrictions on the capabilities of NFT Sharded Blockchains other than the requirement that they produce verifiable proofs that can be checked by the Validators assigned to them.


  • Forkless & future-proof illustration

    Forkless & Future-Proof

    DeStation will utilize key design and architectural features that enable forkless upgrades, ensuring the user base and community remain intact while also enabling key mechanisms for upgrading the blockchain when needed.

  • Built for Speed illustration

    Built for Speed

    DeStation has been built from the ground up to deliver exceptional performance, using a modified Proof of Stake (POS) consensus that enables the network to generate blocks quickly without compromising security.

  • Collaboration by Design illustration

    Collaboration by Design

    DeStation has been built with open governance and transparency in mind. We welcome contributions from the community and other interested parties who are passionate about building the infrastructure for the Internet of NFTs.


Our dynamic team is experienced in everything from blockchain to commercial applications.

  • Nagu Thogiti

    Chief Scientist

    Photograph of Nagu Thogiti

    Nagu holds various AI, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain qualifications from MIT and has an extensive background in blockchain and crypto protocols development, having worked on elite projects such as Decentralized Storage, Decentral, GoNetwork, WandX, and Science Blockchain, among many others.

  • Andrew Fai

    CEO, Founder

    Photograph of Andrew Fai

    Serial blockchain entrepreneur, who is widely recognized as a thought leader within the NFT space and respected as the power networker that has been connecting opportunities and talent for Crypto 100 and Fortune 500 companies since 2017.

    Andrew wrote the Smart Collectibles Whitepaper — a pioneering document that explores the potential uses of NFT technology.

DeStation will forever change the way we design and use NFTs

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